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Home Moving Trends Survey

Help us understand what your customers want from property professionals.

Our surveys are unique pieces of research designed to deliver insights that you can use to make your business more effective.

In 2022, nearly 23,000 responses were gathered from customers who were actively involved in the moving process which gave valuable and relevant feedback to the agents who participated.

There is no charge to be involved in the research and we do not record any personal data from those taking part in the surveys (we do ask for the participant's email address if they wish to take part in the prize draw, however this information is not used for any other purpose, or shared with any third party). We will provide you with a simple invitation and link to send to your client database(s).

Any agent who generates more than 40 individual responses will receive a data report of their own survey results and findings. Any agent who generates more than 100 individual responses will receive their own data compared against the national results.

The surveys are open from 26th June until 17th July 2023. To take part please click here

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